Saturday, March 16, 2013

inspiration: hundertwasser | architecture

hundertwasser was an austrian artist and best known for his contemporary paintings and architectural designs ... when we got the opportunity to visit vienna a few years ago,  i dragged my husband around town to see some of his buildings ... here are some of the photos i took of his amazing work ....

above and below:  hundertwasserhaus

above: kunst haus wien (museum hundertwasser) 

above:  spittelau incinerator

i bought this amazing book (and yes my pattern of buying heavy art books and using up all my allowable luggage weight continued ... )

i'm hoping to see many more of his buildings in the near future ... here are just some on my wish list ....

above:  waldspirale in darmstadt, germany
(image courtesy of

above:  rogner bad blumau in styria, austria
(image courtesy of rogner bad blumau)

above:  die grune zitadelle von magdeburg, germany (the green citadel of magdeburg)
(image courtesy of

above:  hundertwasserhaus in rorschach, switzerland
(image courtesy of kickmeto on deviant)

 above: ronald mcdonald haus in essen, germany
(image courtesy of wikimedia)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

art: urban cinderella

this new piece titled "urban cinderella" is my modern take on the classic fairytale ... i overlaid my digital illustration onto a photograph i took of an alleyway ... i grew up reading fairytales and wonderful tales from writers like roald dahl ... some things will never change = ) .... enjoy!

urban cinderella
"cindy lost her shoe again"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

art: the duck piper

this piece is titled "the duck piper" ... this is one of my original digital painting overlaid over a digitally enhanced photograph that i took while taking a walk in my neighbourhood ... 

"the duck piper's melodic quacking is sweet music to her loyal ducklings."
the duck piper