Saturday, May 25, 2013

art: bubblegum

i was driving into work this week and all of a sudden an image flashed across my mind ... remember that big bubblegum you blew when you were a kid?  those big fat sweet juicy ones like bubblicious or hubba bubba ... inevitably one will be so big that it pops and sticks all over your face ...

i wanted to capture that moment ... here it is ... my latest piece is called "bubblegum"

these were the flavours i remember the most ... what about you?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

art: captain ilias

i just finished this illustration for my son's room ... his room has a nautical theme with a blue and red colour scheme ... he had a big smile on his face when i showed him ... made my day!

coming up the gangplank are our 3 newest passengers with their luggage ... mr. crab ... mr. clownfish ... mr.starfish ... i'm really happy with how this one turned out ... feels sunny and warm ... can almost smell the fresh ocean air ... 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

art: hung out to dry

my latest piece titled "hung out to dry" was inspired by my recent trip to greece ... it was april and the weather enabled us to hang our laundry outside ... it was so windy that within an hour everything was dried ... it brought back memories of when i was little growing up in a hot climate which allowed us to hang the laundry on a line outside the window of a condo 25 floors above ground all year round ... i still chuckle when i remember back to times when a sock or a shirt would slip from our hands and land on someone else's laundry line floors below ... you would have to count backwards and downwards and try to figure out which apartment it was that you should call on to retrieve your clothes ....

this illustration was overlaid onto a photograph i took in greece ...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

inspiration: mary cassatt | artist

happy mother's day to all the wonderful mothers out there!  whenever one thinks of paintings of mother and their children, the wonderful mary cassatt comes to mind ...

mary cassatt (1844-1926) was an american impressionist painter who later made france her home.  she was influenced by her good friend edgar degas and often painted her sister lydia, women and their children and life in society.

 above: little ann sucking her finger, embraced by her mother, 1897
above:  breakfast in bed, 1897

above: mother combing her child's hair, 1901

above:  mother and child, 1901


above:mother and child (the oval mirror), 1889

above:  la toilette, 1891

above:  mother and child, 1900

above: mother and child, 1900

 above:  young mother sewing, 1900

above:  young thomas and his mother, 1893

   above:  mother wearing a sunflower on her dress