Saturday, February 23, 2013

painted walls: bird stencil with faux finish

i love experimenting with different faux finish effects on walls ... half the walls on my house has been an experiment!  i painted our powder room walls and used bird stencils from martha stewart crafts that i bought at michaels and applied a faux finish underneath ... here's how it turned out ...

this is how i did it:

1.  i painted a base coat of primer to cover what was underneath (another prior experiment)
2.  i painted a coat of greyish blue
3.  i prepared a mixture of brown paint with glaze and casually brushed vertical strokes to give it that aged look
4.  i did the same thing with cream-coloured paint
5.  i used the bird and berries stencil and randomly placed them all over the room using the cream-coloured paint
6.  put the finishing touches on the room (ie curtains that i made, towel bar, mirror etc)

this is what i needed:

1.  base colour paint (you can skip the primer if there's nothing dark underneath)
2.  lighter colour paint than the base colour (must have a good contrast)
3.  glaze
4.  stencils
5.  paint brushes / containers

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